Home Automation has never been easier

Experience the convenience of Home Automation like never before with Control4® smart home automation systems. Our digital ecosystem is tailored to work just for you, creating a comfortable, secure, and intelligent living space.
With Control4®, you have the power to control every aspect of your home through a simple touch of a button or voice commands. Our smart technology integrates all the systems in your home, from lighting and temperature to security and entertainment, to create a seamless and personalized experience.
Experience a tailored, automated, and connected home with Control4®.

Safety & Security

The Control4® App allows you to effortlessly monitor security cameras throughout your home.  You can have peace of mind while away by remotely checking the cameras on your mobile devices.
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Smart Lighting

Smart wireless lighting offers elegant, sophisticated and practical solutions for your home. It all comes together beautifully to make you and others see your home in a completely different light. Literally !
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Comfort & Convenience

The innovative video intercom  helps you communicate with anyone in the house.  High definition camera and crystal clear microphone make it easy to check who’s at the front door, monitor your baby or simply call everyone downstairs for breakfast.
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Home Theater  Systems

Combine engaging HD video,  audio,  projectors or smart TVs  with custom-made lighting configurations to create a truly immersive home theater experience. All equipment is hidden away in a camouflaged  closet. Say goodbye to visible cables forever !
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Outdoor Sound & Light

Comprehensive home  system that handles your outdoor light and sound needs.  Weatherproof speakers, landscape lighting, swimming pool waterfall and fireplace automation all harmoniously synchronized together  from your mobile device !
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Powerful Controllers for every need

The brain behind your home system
The versatile set of controllers enables all devices in your home to work seamlessly together, from security and lighting to home theater and sound systems. Designed for custom projects, they handle as little or as much as needed. Start small with just one room or scale up to a full-blown automated system, the controllers can breeze through it with lightning-fast capabilities.

Our Process

We understand you might have a lot of questions. Smart home systems are designed to simplify everything around you. We’ll walk you through the process and show you exactly what home automation can do for you and how it can improve your  lifestyle. From concept to implementation and lifetime support, we strive to provide the best experience possible. More than that, we custom tailor a system that meets your exact needs.

Completed Projects

Smart Houses
Custom Rooms
Installed Devices
Feet of Cable

Real-time notifications

Dedicated Apple Watch App gets you notified of all events you want to know of.

Introducing Voice Control !

Now compatible with Amazon Echo and Google Home

Our smart home automation systems are compatible with all the brands you like.

Compatible with nearly 10,000 products from all the providers you already love.